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Numerous historic and vintage racing clubs, magazines, and race dates are available to the enthusiast. The listed links point to other sites of racing interest, club types and contacts, race memorabilia, and racing organizations and their race dates.  A new section lists businesses that build or repair Miller and Offenhauser products.

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Racing Links

Car links

Dirt Track Cars of the 20s & 30s (Great photos including the Golden Sub as a dirt track car; various interesting photo collections)
Gordon White on Auto Racing (Offenhauser, Goossen drawing archive, Miller, AAA, USAC and other historic auto racing subjects)
Smithsonian Institute (The Packard Cable Special)
Leydon Restorations (High-end vintage Grand Prix restorers; beautiful Miller work and photos)
Four Wheel Drive magazine (Some nice photos of the V16 motor and an article about the FWD company)
Indianapolis 500 (Official site with history and statistics)
Grand Prix History (A large site about Grand Prix racing, including Miller)
Champ Car Statistics: 1909-1999 (Phil Harms' incredible compilation)
Where They Raced (Harold Osmer's site of early California road racing)
Auto Racing History (Historian Russell Jaslow's site)
Auto Racing Memories
Eastern Museum of Motor Racing (The Hornung Miller car and many Offy sprint cars)
History of Car Racing in the US (Collection of numerous historical links)
Bugatti Home Page (Bugatti was the European peer of Miller and his DOHC engines are Miller based)
When Brickyard Ponies Went to Sea (An excellent article about Millers used in Gold Cup boat racing)
Thorne LSR car (The car has been discovered in a later incarnation and is being restored)
Miller/Offenhauser restoration businesses
Harry A. Miller, LLC (Ed 248-797-8781 or Josh 513-257-5121) Miller and Offy parts from original patterns, restorations, builds.
Phil Reilly & Company (415-924-9022) Miller and Offy restorations
Leydon Restorations (Chris Leydon - 215-794-5535)
Fossil Motorsport (Richard Freshman - 818-709-0694)
GBI Classic Cars (Steve Truchan - 219-884-3792)
Van Dyne Engineering (Stewart Van Dyne - 714-847-4417) Offy engines and parts
Lee Mullin Co. (Lee Mullin - 321-458-2749) Offy engine rebuilds, Mallory Mags new or repair
Gaslight Auto Parts (Bob McConnel - (800) 242-6491) Offy engines and parts
The Old Motor (The Garage)
Club links
The Harry A. Miller club website
Racing History (The discussion forum for cars, engines and drivers from the teens to the '60s)
Vintage Race Organizations (Lots of clubs from Vintage Race Web)
Vintage Clubs & Organizations (Lots of clubs from Victory Lane) (Articles and over 5,000 organized motorsports links)
Secrets of Speed Society (Ford A, B, & T in speed and sport, a national club)
Northwest Vintage Speedsters (Portland-based club, great speedster photos)
Motorsport Resort and Sitges Autodromo Nacional (The Zborowski Miller holds the lap record)
Event coverage
Historic Cars Online
Monterey Historic Races
Milwaukee Mile (Photos of the 1999 Harry A. Miller Club annual meet)
Vintage Racing Media
Vintage Motorsport
The Old Motor
Vintage Race Car Journal
Victory Lane Magazine
Vintage Oval Racing Magazine
The Alternate
Sports Car Market
Memorabilia, Books, Photographs
Dick Wallen's Racing Classics (Videos, books, limited art prints, clothing)
Vintage MotorPhoto (Collectible vintage motor racing photography)
Vintage Postcards (Collectible vintage automotive postcards, including many of race cars)
Auto Trend (David Kimball cut-a-ways - the Miller 91 front drive and others; boardtrack racing posters; many other posters)
Synder Video Productions (Videos of historic tracks and cars of the Northeastern region)
Jesse Alexander Photography (Forty years of racing photos)
Bob Lawrence's Vintage Auto Racing (Large collection of historic dirt track racing cars and tracks)
SpeedWay Motorbooks (Large collection of out-of-print racing books and racing memorabilia)
Coastal 181 - Reading for Racers (A strong historical focus and offering many books and DVDs in the open wheel area)

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