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Harry A. Miller, LLC
(Miller parts and restorations)

At Harry A. Miller, LLC® we're geared towards the preservation of Miller's great works, offering genuine replacement components and full Concours quality restorations.

Our mission is to support and honor not only the legacy of the great automotive innovator, but also his talented team that made it all possible. Much like the commitment bestowed upon the industry by Miller, we hope to emulate his passions for all things innovative, help maintain his historical works, and share information on his wonderful historical treasures. More Miller content is available on our social media, discussing many of Miller's astounding creations and the inner workings behind them!

We're not just craftsmen, engine builders and engineers, but we're also avid historians. Amidst our growing business, we're making special accommodations to preserve Miller's original hand-drawn schematics and drawings from the early 1920s Los Angeles business. Along with these are the original casting patterns used to create some of the most successful racing equipment (land and sea) from the 1920s.

Ed Linn & Josh Shaw
1155 Badder Drive
Troy, MI, 48083
(248) 797 - 8781

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