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2024 Miller Meet - New Date & Location

Due to another year of construction for ARCA and NASCAR events, the Milwaukee Mile is still not available for the 2024 Miller Meet.

The Miller Meet will again be held at the Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park. The on-track dates are Friday June 21st and Saturday June 22nd.  Set-up and unloading of cars will be on the 20th.

All front engine pre and post WWII Indy cars and open-wheel Champ car, Indy roadsters, and laydown cars are eligible. Also eligible are pre-WWII open wheel Grand Prix cars and rear engine authentic Offenhauser and/or Meyer/Drake Indy cars (originally built as a race car, powered by one of these engines, and must not be modified from a car born with a different powerplant). Only 60 cars accepted.

For additional details, go to the Harry Miller Club website.

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