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These audio tracks were recorded on a MiniDisc recorder. They are in stereo and are saved at the widest possible frequency response (20Hz - 16kHz) available within RealPlayer (hence the large file size). RealPlayer (rm) was chosen over Windows advanced streaming format (asf) because the accuracy of the sound is noticeably better. The track sounds should all run clearly from right to left: sometimes streaming audio mixes this up during playback and you hear left to right or just mono. Replaying the sound again after the first playback usually gets it to play correctly. To really hear how the cars sounded, hook up a pair of full-range, high quality speakers or high quality headphones rather than just using cheap computer speakers.

The recording location was directly across from the grandstands at the Milwaukee Mile, facing the track. The cars accelerate out of the turn off to the right, come down the grandstand straight from right to left, and then decelerate for the next turn. You can occasionally hear voices and other cars in the pit row that was right behind the recording location. The recordings for the cockpit audio tracks were taken while riding in the mechanic's seat.

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The sounds of the late Bob Sutherland's supercharged 91ci motor (Lou Moore 1929 Indy car) all the way up to 7000+ rpm. Tested on a dyno in March of 1984.

Windows Media Player format (219k) or Real Audio format (276k)
The sounds of the Miller Club Vintage Indy Car Exhibition.
Ballot 1919 Indy (307k - 30 sec) - idling in the pits

Ballot 1919 Indy (176k - 17 sec) - three passes

Ballot 1919 Indy cockpit, on the track (790k - 77 sec) - starting, up through the gears

Miller Golden Sub starting up, cold idling, and driving away (396k - 39 sec)

Miller Golden Sub warm idling, and driving away (209k - 20 sec)

Miller Golden Sub on track, 2 passes (143k - 14 sec)

Miller 122 front-drive (508k - 50 sec) - two passes, a great engine

Miller 122 rear-drive (172k - 17 sec) - shifting at high revs coming out of the turn, great burbles on deceleration

Miller 91 rear-drive (345k - 34 sec) - startup, warming idle

Miller 91 rear-drive (290k - 28 sec) - two passes, in first gear for high revs

Derby-Miller starting and warming up on the lawn at Pebble Beach (517k - 51 sec) - miked at engine and then at exhaust

Miller V16 (165k - 16 sec) - a unique sound because this engine simultaneously fires two cylinders on opposite banks

Miller V16 cockpit, on the track (305k - 30 sec) - hear the whole powertrain and engine clearly

Miller V16 in the pits, revs (134k -13 sec) - a great sound

Miller V16 and Bowes Seal Fast (102k - 10 sec) - the V16 is followed closely by the Bowes - very smooth

Miller V16 and Miller 122 rear-drive (199k - 20 sec) - the V16 is passed by the 122 right in front of the stands

Miller-Ford (104k - 10 sec) - smooth

Miller-Ford cockpit, on the track (643k - 1 min) - starting, up through the gears, up to about 110mph

Sparks Big Six (146k - 14 sec) - a completely different sound

Offy (368k - 36 sec) - startup and huge revs, awesome & incredible - do it justice and use a surround sound system

Novi (154k - 7 sec) - The Hotel Tropicana Special Novi driven by Bobby Unser during qualifying for the 1963 Indianapolis 500
    From the RaceZine website - 8 bit mono wav file

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