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These videos were recorded on a Casio EXP-505 in MPEG-4 AVI format. The source file is DVD quality: 640x480, 30fps, with digital stereo audio. In order to accomodate various Internet speeds, the source files were compressed into Windows Media Video files, using Microsoft Movie Maker. The finished videos are available in two sizes: Small - 320x240, 358k bit rate; Large - 640x480, variable bit rate.

The recording location was directly across from the Milwaukee Mile grandstands, facing the track. The cars accelerate out of the turn off to the right, come down the grandstand straight from right to left, and then decelerate for the next turn. You can occasionally hear voices and other cars in the pit row that was right behind the recording location. To really hear how the cars sounded, connect a pair of full-range high quality speakers or headphones rather than tiny computer speakers. 

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    The recently restored ex-Durant Miller 122; winner at  Pebble Beach 2006. 1.3 minute video of starting the car, engine revs, walk-around.
    Small 320x240, 3.5MB              Large 640x480, 24.6MB

  The same Miller 122 on the track. 0.5 minute video, multiple passes, one with alongside the 1923 Boyle Miller 122.
    Small 320x240, 1.3MB              Large 640x480, 8.8MB

The Lockhart-Miller 91on the track. 0.5 minute video, multiple passes.
    Small 320x240, 1.2MB              Large 640x480, 10.3MB

The Boyle-Valve Miller 91 on the track. 0.5 minute video, multiple passes.
    Small 320x240, 0.9MB              Large 640x480, 7.3MB

  The Derby-Miller 91 front-drive driving through the pits. 0.5 minute video.
    Small 320x240, 1.0MB             Large 640x480, 5.6MB

The Pete de Paolo Miller 91 front-drive on the track. 0.8 minute video, track and pits.
    Small 320x240, 2.0MB              Large 640x480, 12.7MB

The Miller 122 front-drive on the track. 0.5 minute video, multiple passes.
    Small 320x240, 1.3MB              Large 640x480, 8.4MB

    The Miller Golden Sub. 1.2 minute video of pull starting the car; car exiting the pits; on the track.
    Small 320x240, 2.9MB              Large 640x480, 22MB

The Miller TNT going through the pits; then a pass on the track
    Small 320x240, 3.6MB            Large 640x480, 10MB

The Miller TNT in the pits at Laguna Seca (2009)
    Small 320x240, 10MB             Large 640x480, 23MB

The Miller TNT revs at Pebble Beach (2010) - 4 minutes
    Small 320x240, 58MB             Large 640x480, 111MB

The 1920 Miller 183 (Baby Chevrolet) in the pits and on the track.
    Small 320x240, 9.3MB            Large 640x480, 19MB
    Small 320x240, 14MB             Large 640x480, 33MB

The 1910 Kline-Duesenberg (walking beam) in the pits.
    Small 320x240, 2.3MB            Large 640x480, 5.7MB

Miller V16 and Bentley TT on the track.
    Small 320x240, 1.9MB            Large 640x480, 4.9MB

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